A Beautiful Contradiction

Darkness and I don't agree much
& Sometimes the light is too bright
I *right from my perception to yours in the meaning of growth
I contain more love than I can hold

"Study the words, live the tempo, breath the intent."

The Howling Tigress

Listen to the feeling that tells you to think about love


Feelings that have heard the soul and felt the sound

Employed into my God given name

I have bared the guilt of losing faith, tumbled into a rich soil of relief

The fight to believe yourself is one of release

Releasing what was believed to bare the need of want

I have surpassed my biggest fear 

Time in love should never insist imprisonment

but a natural surrounding that allows growth in its own timing

Love is a force field and has never allowed anything less of the word itself

How to define love can only be explained by how you were taught to feel, such temperaments of tangible emotion carried within minds that have learned that.. “Life goes on”




Baring a faith that knows itself without titles to suffice the conscience of the insecure

Freedom is a lifetime of relentless love 

The ACE of Spades

take care of your creative health.

—nayyirah waheed (via nayyirahwaheed)


They see me rollin’. They hatin…


They see me rollin’. They hatin…

There is another Loneliness
That many die without,
Not want or friend occasions it,
Or circumstances or lot.

But nature sometimes, sometimes thought,
And whoso it befall
Is richer than could be divulged
By mortal numeral.

—Emily Dickinson, “There is another Loneliness” (via larmoyante)